My week at Adidas: Marketing and PR Assistant

In this article I will be reflecting on a two week placement with Adidas as a PR Assistant.

After graduating from university I wanted to try something different and came across the opportunity to work for the Marketing and PR department for Adidas. This was also an opportunity to be productive whilst I was interviewing for other long term opportunities to start my marketing career. With that in mind, I also wanted to take the chance to impress colleagues at Adidas just in case there were any suitable marketing opportunities for me in the future.

Finding the opportunity – For about a year I had already been connected on LinkedIn to the PR Officer at Adidas’s Covent Garden office, whom I specifically had chosen to connect with simply to find out the route she had taken to be in her current role. Little did I know, that this would also lead me to working with one of my favourite fashion brands and also with a multinational corporation. To say the least, it has definitely been a talking point with employers I have interviewed with since and has definitely impressed the employer with whom I have currently secured a role with.

What I wanted to gain out of my two week placement – My goal at the end of my two week placement with Adidas was to help create a successful Press Day with over 300 attendees to showcase our new Spring Summer 2016 collections for Adidas Originals, Stella McCartney by Adidas, Adidas Running, Adidas Football and Y-3 by Adidas.

I also had personal interests such as networking with colleagues within the Marketing and PR department, so that I had contacts within Adidas for future opportunities. Additionally, I wanted further exposure to Marketing and PR techniques for a much larger firm and hands on experience with a brand I was passionate about. And lastly, I wanted to enjoy the short time I had with the company and make the most of the opportunity.

Week one: This involved getting to the know the team I was working alongside and meeting the team members of various departments. This included the Marketing and PR department, and the Digital and Print department. This was an excellent opportunity to introduce myself and find out more about the different roles which were held at the company, and to further expand my network. I was also shown around the office and the venue for our press day, which included a large open space room with two smaller rooms on each side to showcase the four brands (Originals, Stella McCartney, Football and Running).  We also made a start on taking out the SS15 collections and organising the new SS16 collections into each room. This was really exciting for me, as it meant I got to see the new collections before any of our media contacts and the public.


Adidas Originals Tubular SS16 Collection

Week Two: By this point the showrooms were set up and ready for the Press day and allowed us time to perfect the venue. I had the responsibility of going over a Look-Book for each brand to see which collections hadn’t made it to the office, which could then be ordered in to see if they would be suitable to place in the showrooms. As a result, a few more collections were displayed for the press day and our venue looked complete and amazing!

Press Day: So the day we had all been waiting for had arrived and I was very excited! This would be my very first press day and I looked forward to meeting all the media contacts we had booked in to arrive. Whilst introducing journalists to the venue, I spotted colleagues from magazines such as Vogue and cosmopolitan. This allowed me to network with colleagues from well-known magazines and to understand a bit more about their world of work. They looked for the most unique/different items within the showrooms and took notes on stories behind the products. These notes would then be used to produce appealing articles within their magazines.

Press Day also allowed me to work alongside both internal colleagues and external staff from PR agencies. This included the opportunity to network with PR Consultants from TALK PR who were really passionate about their job roles. They had the opportunity to work with various well known brands and promote their products, which really appealed to me. This has most definitely inspired me to work for a Marketing and PR agency in the future.


From this work placement I was able to achieve everything I had set out to gain and much more! I would definitely recommend taking work placements/experiences/internships in the short term for new graduates looking for long term opportunities. For example, prior to taking this placement I had already interviewed for a company called M3 Housing, and took a second interview after my placement with Adidas, and now I have secured a role with them as a Marketing and Sales Assistant.

I hope this article has been beneficial to you and if you have any further queries, feel free to leave a message on my contact page.

All the best!

Zhorna Sylvia Ali


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